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John's Story Of Success...

I can tell my story (Karen) about what podcasting can do for your business but I thought I'd tell John's success story instead.

I met John at a marketing event as I was re-releasing the Podcaster Blueprint and he came forward to tell me his story.

John's podcast is called 'Eternal Leadership' - his podcast is not on the top of any of the charts but he created such a dedicated following that he turned into a 6-figure coaching business.


"Podcasting is the ONLY reason I was able to create a business and stand out from the crowd and create an international business.  It has given me opportunity after opportunity AND it is the absolute best way to leverage your time and marketing dollars and really connect with your ideal client "

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Karen Luniw - Creator of Podcaster Blueprint

Unlock your success

What is possible when we unlock the mindset?  I'll tell ya, just about anything.

Even with the most successful and confident people - there is even more possibility laying just under the surface.  That's what I'm good at...finding it and helping my clients tap into unlimited possibilities.

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A Few Recent Success Stories...

  • T. finally decided to invest in coaching with me and got the nerve up to apply for some jobs that she wasn’t sure she was qualified for. She was offered the job and will be moving to a new city – exactly her goal….all in less than 3 months!
  • L. was procrastinating on writing her cookbook. In less than 3 months, she’s almost finished – way ahead of schedule!
  • S. is in the landscaping business and was feeling like she was doing menial, hard labour instead of the landscape design she longed to do. She shifted her belief in herself and feels worthy of calling herself a landscape designer and has attracted ideal clients and contracts, in less than 3 months!

Melissa's Story Of Success...

I am definitely attracting money... simply by awareness of how I am thinking about money and my relationship to money. Also, by being aware of my fears and preemptively "clearing" on anything that makes me sad, fearful, or anxious... it helps put me in a more confident feeling and a better vibration for attraction.

I took the More Money Bootcamp a few years ago, and what I like about QC2 is that the tools are SIMPLER. I can explain them to others, and they can see results too.

The science is simpler, more in line with how I usually think and manifest.

It is easier to remember and doesn't dwell too much on "fine points". And when I'm feeling desperate or stressed, there is not too much to REMEMBER, so that helps me shift faster. 🙂

~ Melissa D. Schaffer

Attraction Mindset Academy

I realized a number of years ago as I was coaching people 1-1 that I was using a specific process and when I shifted a few things my clients results started catapulting through the roof!  These clients were suddenly attracting amazing people and situations into their life.

The process became known as the QC2 Method.  It's what I teach in the Attraction Mindset Academy which I created so more people could take advantage of this mind-blowing process to become unstuck without having to make a larger investment of coaching with me.

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